itracks GO 2.0 Launched!

itracks Launches GO 2.0 Launched March 21st!

On March 21st, the itracks team launched itracks GO 2.0 — a platform that reflects the quality and creativity of your research. Building on the strengths of our current GO platform, which integrates all of your favorite qualitative research tools into one platform, GO 2.0 brings a fresh look to a platform you’ve grown to love.

This design refresh will also apply to your current brand along with added branding capabilities that could enhance your current brand representation in GO. We want your brand to look pixel-perfect. That’s why we offer free branding services, where our specialists will interpret and apply your brand to GO, free of charge. We can also help you create different branding for specific projects.

In addition to the fresh new look, some of the other updates in version 2.0 are listed below:

  • Webcam video recorder redesign including video recorder audio sound checks
  • Performance optimizations to mod guide load times
  • Audio-only tagging and highlight reels
  • Improved user management capabilities (adding users from within a Board)
  • Independent creation of GO accounts
  • Mobile Updates:
    • Improved access to dedicated help links and support
    • Branded landing pages for app install process
  • Security enhancements

Learn more by watching the recording
of our itracks GO 2.0 Release Webinar!

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