itracks GO, Realtime, and Board Feature Updates

October 27th, 2022

This month, itracks introduced some exciting new updates to itracks GO, itracks Realtime, and itracks Board. Key updates can be found below. 

itracks GO key updates: 

  • A new “Join Now” link has been added for all projects to make it easier for Participants and Observers to access Boards and Realtime groups.  Learn more about it here. 
  • French translations have been improved on various project pages and menus.
  • The Project landing page for moderators has been updated.

itracks Realtime key updates:

  • itracks Realtime video groups now have a “Participant Privacy Mode” setting, which
    • Masks participants so they can only be seen by the host,
    • Blurs recordings so participants’ faces/visual identities remain private.
  • A “Using App” icon will now appear next to users who are logged in using the Realtime mobile app.
  • An issue for deleting a project or activity with transcription has been fixed.
  • Chat styling and labeling has been added to more easily differentiate between user types.

itracks Board key updates:

  • There was previously an issue where reminder links sent in emails to users would only work once. This has been fixed.