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Keep the conversation going as respondents log in at their leisure and provide feedback over days, weeks, or even months.

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In the Moment

Itracks Board allows you to capture responses from anywhere, as they happen. Participants login at their leisure so that they can respond at a time that’s best for them – while you keep the conversation on track.

The fully integrated mobile app means that participants can respond from anywhere – whether it’s at home, at the grocery store, or anywhere across the globe. Participants can even post offline and upload responses once they reconnect.

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As Long as it Takes

Get started now. With survey integration, participants can be automatically moved from your web intercept recruit to a discussion board so you can collect deeper insights from targeted respondents while they’re already engaged.

Then, take as long as you want to get the insights you need, whether it’s days, months, or years. Engage participants for a short time for some product testing, or form lasting connection and see feedback evolve in a longer term community.

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Get Creative

Choose from a variety of response types including text, audio, images, videos or polls. Make sure respondents can take the time to say what’s on their mind with unlimited length video capabilities.

Participants can even post responses while offline to be automatically uploaded once they reconnect.

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Our Services

Get the help you need to ensure your project succeeds with these supplementary services.


We’ll bring in a professional moderator to lead your sessions or arrange for your own team to take charge.

Screener and Discussion Guide Development

Upload your own questions or have our team assist with program development.

Live Dedicated Tech Support and Group Hosts

Tech support is always live, and a team member can host sessions for Realtime events.

Advanced Technical Checks with Participants

Ensure all participants are comfortable and ready to go, especially for VIPs and other high-value stakeholders.

Recruitment Services

Our team makes all the arrangements with prospective hires – you just logon to the white label branded site and go.

Project Management

Let itracks take care of all the details like arranging schedules and connecting with service providers, while you concentrate on your project goals.

Transcription and Translation Services

itracks software is available in 20 different languages, and we provide machine and human transcription services.

Incentive Management

We contact participants and arrange for compensatory incentives while you concentrate on the bottom line.

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