All Access Software

Case Study: All Access Software

Business Challenge

In early 2009, a client sent numerous e-mails to itracks inquiring if the software was compliant with blind, deaf and paraplegic participants. At the time itracks’ software did not have the capabilities to accommodate all users. itracks realized that the development of new software was integral in reaching all demographics.


A demo project was set up with numerous custom features and was sent to the client. The client supplied feedback on the demo and a development opportunity arose. Through the use of the feedback and itracks own research, itracks embarked on turning legacy frames-based forum product into a universally accessible application. itracks requested assessments and found a fit with CNIB (formerly Canadian National Institute for the Blind). CNIB’s initial feedback showed that the current frames based layout was going to be a major hindrance to participants. Changes were administered, following the WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines), to the frames to enhance user friendliness. A project was launched based on the newly developed software and an abundance of feedback was received by itracks. Feedback included praises for the ease of use.


itracks completed the integration of new software to all languages offered. itracks now offers software within the required standards that is compliant with blind, deaf and paraplegic participants and has a more accessible product with the foundation for all future product line offerings.

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