Online Focus Groups for Advertising Insights

Case Study: Online Focus Groups for Advertising Insights

The Client

National Research Corporation is a leader in providing consumer centric insights to health care system clients across the United States. NRC partnered with Bert Miklosi Consulting to fill an advertising testing need in the health care system category.

The Challenge

Develop a quantitative /qualitative advertising test solution:

  • specific to the health care system category
  • insightful
  • actionable
  • affordable
  • offers fast turn-around
  • user friendly to C-suite non-marketers
  • user friendly to creative agencies

NRC/Bert Miklosi Consulting needed a partner to help develop efficient ad testing research methodologies for products from ideation to beta to launch to on-going in field research. Most clients of NRC used traditional focus groups for ad testing and were skeptical of an online approach. Creative agencies working with their health care system clients needed a viable solution for assessing advertising prior to launch. Agencies needed to be involved and comfortable with methodology and output.

The Solution

itracks collaborated with NRC/Bert Miklosi Consulting in developing the qualitative component of AdVoice, the ad testing solution specific to the health care system category. Consumers completed the online survey and followed up with an online focus group session a few days later. Quantitative results were known prior to conducting the online focus groups and led to targeted discussions on what was resonating and what area of the ad needed to be more persuasive. Agency creative and strategy teams attended the online focus groups along with NRC’s client. The methodology allowed moderator flexibility to probe specific areas. Heat mapping and iMarkIt (interactive comment tool) enhanced the respondent experience and provided deeper learning for the agencies and client.

The Result

Quantitative data provided statistical reliability to ad testing and Qualitative (itracks Chat – online focus groups) gave client and agency deeper insight and nuanced understanding of results. Results were rich with imagery (and reliable statistical data) and consumer insight. C-suite presentations ran smoothly as the “what” (quantitative) and “why” (itracks qualitative) were weaved to provide comprehensive, action oriented results. AdVoice has become an important tool for NRC and their clients. Creative agencies have benefited with greater insight to their ideas and better understanding of ad effectiveness potential prior to launching in market.

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