Creative Agency Benefit: Leveraging itracks Online Focus Groups

Creative Agency Benefit: Leveraging itracks Online Focus Groups

Benefit of Using itracks Online Focus Groups for Creative

Agency clients are demanding faster, cheaper, better. Impossible? itracks is an agency friend that can help deliver the demands of your client. A fundamental truth in developing great creative is to understand the consumer and finding the killer insight that drives strategy. Of course, the strategy must be converted into compelling, engaging creative. From mining consumer insight to ideation for creative development and fine tuning advertising, itracks online focus groups can be used for the entire journey. Planners, Creative, Client Service and Clients will love it.

Why itracks Online Focus Groups

The itracks platform provides all the benefits of traditional focus groups plus added value of deeper insight with engaged respondents. itracks online focus groups are faster and cheaper, so it’s a “win/win” scenario for agencies and clients.

How it Works

The short version: deeper insight, maximum flexibility.


We conduct virtual groups anytime, anywhere. Logistical hurdles such as securing focus group facilities, travel, co-ordinating client schedules, respondent no-shows, are basically wiped out with itracks online focus groups because everything is conducted online and attending physical location(s) is not required.

itracks Online Focus Groups

Online focus groups are similar to traditional focus groups, but there is improved learning and less hassle. Set up is easy.  The agency, client moderator and respondents all attend the groups. itracks can be as hands on or hands off as required. We have a network of moderators available to assist, or the agency can select a moderator from their own network. A virtual room exists for clients/agency to observe responses and communicate with the moderator via chat messages. The agency can chat without respondents seeing the discussion and moderator questions can be added/modified on the fly. No need to hand deliver a note to the moderator or be in a dark room viewing through a one-way mirror. The virtual room for respondents alleviate group-think and the domineering respondent. Discussion can be one on one as well as group. Diagnostic tools include heat mapping and highlighter type markers that are valuable visual techniques to probe and learn. Other exercises can be easily incorporated to groups. The client can be at home, in their office or on the go via mobile; same thing for agency personnel. Of course, respondents can be anywhere, including the comfort of sitting in their living room or kitchen table with coffee and laptop.

  • Probe strategy: Does it resonate? Is it the correct direction?
  • Ideate: white boarding, clustering
  • Receive consumer feedback of creative in development: story boards, still frame, video, SEM, CRM
  • Fine tune creative prior to launch in almost any format
  • Multiple locations on same night
  • Local, national, international
  • Most languages plus English translation

Video Groups

  • Multiple screen view with up to eight participants
  • Multilingual interface
  • Written transcripts available
  • Automatic audio/video transcripts
  • Observer chat functionality
  • Teleconference bridge integration

Bulletin Board Focus Groups (itracks Board)

  • Keep the discussion open for an extended period (days, weeks)
  • Excellent for Shopper and User experience response

Mobile Discussion Boards (itracks Board)

  • In-field, real time user experience
  • Collect insights in the field and in the moment

Transitioning to itracks

itracks is your partner and we will make the transition to online focus groups effortless. We will meet with the appropriate agency team (Planner, Creative, Client Service) to discuss research objectives. We are comfortable and experienced working with agencies and understand the importance of the agency/client relationship. Set up includes recruiting, moderator networking, developing moderator guide, technical support such as uploading stimuli. An itracks team member is always available during groups and will respond to any need. We present a full orientation and set up for agency planners prior to conducting initial research.

Moving Forward

We offer an enhanced respondent experience and maximum flexibility resulting in deeper insight and greater learning. Groups can be local, national, international and in almost any language on any day or night. We work with you to ensure objectives are achieved. So yes, faster, cheaper and better is possible! The next step is to have a discussion and detailed orientation. Let’s chat!

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