Client Experience is Your Competitive Advantage


Over the past year, researchers have been tasked with more competition and deadlines that are tighter than ever. As a result, firms are looking for new ways to differentiate themselves and the engagement of their clients. itracks suite of qualitative research software and services have transformed the game when it comes to you and your clients backroom experience. Despite the changes in the research landscape, one thing remains true: delivering deep, rich insights to your clients, and engaging them in the process, is a win that will never grow old. We have designed software and service processes that drive to achieving these outcomes.

The itracks team platform creates a robust backroom experience through the technology we build, the processes we have developed, the broadcast hub you can leverage, and an onboarding experience that is second to none. We see how continually improving these aspects positively impacts client loyalty, referrals, and the business bottom line every year. Let us show you how the client experience is your competitive advantage.

During this informative webinar, two of itracks client experience leaders, Kathy Fitzpatrick, and Candace Northey, have shared their stories from 2021 and discuss:

  • Backroom Design Considerations – Are you leveraging client engagement in the backroom to earn repeat business?
  • Learn who to invite to and why – Are you making your backroom part of your research?.
  • How you can add value to your deliverables through media and content management.

Our team is here to help you foster creativity in backroom design and client engagement, supporting the construction of an amazing client experience and this webinar will show you how!

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