Participant Time Selection Release

WEBINAR: itracks GO – Participant Time Selection Release

One of the most common pain-points during a project is the confirmation process. As a moderator, recruiter, or project manager, the hours spent confirming and rescheduling participants can prove to be detrimental to project efficiency (and ultimately to project margins). ​

How can we make this easier? ​

Why not take the administrative burden of asking “how does this time work for you?” and letting the participant decide? That is exactly what Time Selection will do. Participants will now be able to select a time that works best for them (based on a series of “slots” that a moderator has created). What happens if none of the slots are ideal? No problem. We’ve also included “Standby” logic to allow participants to be first-in-line should a spot open up.

This 30-minute webinar gave a sneak peek at our new Participant Time Selection feature!

The webinar took place on June 28, 2017 at 12 PM EST.

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