The Art and Science of Driving Change:

Maximizing Impact through Qual to Quant Integration



Market Researchers know when it comes to unlocking deep insights, Qualitative Research is unmatched. Unfortunately, the time and effort it takes to dig deep sometimes means that no matter how revelatory a focus group or interview is, the "numbers" just aren't there for decision-makers to justify implementation based on the truths you've uncovered. Lawrence Fisher, Associate Professor of Integrated Marketing Communication at Roosevelt University in Chicago, has faced in twenty-six years in applied research . Now he's teaching the Market Researchers of the future how to overcome it as well, using Qual to Quant integrated mixed methods research. Professor Fisher will also touch on the benefits of fielding both the qualitative and quantitative portions of the study online for best results. 

This webinar covers:

  • The basics of the qual-to-quant integrated MMR method
  • How Market Researchers can leverage Qualitative Research to not just answer questions, but learn which questions they should be asking
  • Real-world examples from Lawrence's past experiences in the business and academic worlds
  • How you can use this method in your next project to maximize insight and drive real change at an executive level
  • How to reduce group influence and order bias in your online focus groups using itracks Realtime qualitative research software