Intro to itracks Realtime with Candace Northey

Intro to itracks Realtime with Candace Northey

Webinar Recording

In this webinar, a Qualitative Research Rockstar, Candace Northey, takes you through the industry’s newest, most innovative real-time qualitative research platform. She offers tips and tricks to help you stand out as a leading-edge online qual researcher, such as how to:

  • Set up text focus groups, in-depth interviews, and video focus groups quickly and easily, leveraging time-saving features
  • Use built-in scheduling and communication automation tools to maximize participant show rates
  • Host an effective virtual backroom, improving the experience for both observer stakeholders and researchers alike
  • Design discussion guides to run your groups smoothly and effectively, focusing on the conversation at hand
  • Make the most of high-quality video recordings and outputs

This is a can’t-miss session from one of the industry’s premier research professionals!

About Candace

With 18 years of experience in online research, Candace is a highly regarded expert in running online qualitative research groups and helping her clients succeed and reach their business and research goals.

As itracks’ Client Services Manager, Candace works with qualitative research clients to coordinate and execute both real-time and asynchronous research projects. Training new clients is an integral part of Candace’s day as she looks to share her extensive experience conducting online qualitative research and best practice options at all stages of an in-field project, raising the bar for online research professionals across the globe.

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