New: Transcripts that are Optimized for NVivo

One of the main reasons we entered a partnership with the fellow qualitative research innovators over at NVivo was to bridge the gap between qualitative data collection and analysis. Our newest feature update brings us one step closer to that, with the option to download automatically generated transcripts that have been specifically optimized for upload into NVivo, so that you can spend less of your valuable time on things like formatting, and more of it on the actual research and analysis.


What's different?

As always, you'll be able to find automatically generated transcripts of all your completed itracks Realtime focus groups and interviews under the "Reports" tab in itracks GO. Now, though, you'll be given the option to choose between two file types before downloading the transcript: Word - Regular, or Word - Optimized for NVivo.

Word - Regular is the same, easy-to-read formatting that you're used to from Realtime auto-transcripts. Word - Optimized for NVivo has been optimized specifically forĀ  NVivo, so that as soon as your study finishes, you can download the transcripts and upload them into NVivo and have them work seamlessly for all of the robust qualitative data analysis that NVivo offers. No format changes required - you don't even need to open the files if you don't want to.

Want to try it out?

If you're already an itracks Realtime subscriber, no actions are needed on your part! As always, our secure, cloud-based software updates automatically, so you'll be using the most current version of Realtime or Board every time you log in. If you're not yet a subscriber, let's get that fixed! Sign up here for a free trial, or contact us to learn more or get a free demo.