Enhanced Insights for Leading Cosmetic Line

Case Study: Enhanced Insights for Leading Cosmetic Line through Online Focus Group – itracks Chat

The Client

MSW Research was founded 40 years ago on the basic belief that brands define a business. Knowledge gained through results achieved with the world’s leading brand marketers helps clients know if their brand promise will successfully grow their brand before executing a marketing plan.

The Challenge

MSW approached itracks to help them develop a research solution for a leading Women’s Cosmetic brand. MSW was seeking a partner, who could support their vision to offer their client an elegant Qualitative platform to enhance their interpretation of larger, Quantitative exercises.

The client was interested in enriched insights, and identified the challenges of the project as follows:

  1. The partnership would rely upon a highly responsive and dependable relationship to be formed as the timelines would be very tight with each project.
  2. Meaningful feedback would depend on the ability to draw upon an experienced Moderator who could use the platform to maximize focus of the participants during the interview time.
  3. The platform was required to allow observers to seamlessly contribute to the discussion and help the Moderator guide dialogue to areas of interest.

The Solution

Qualitative: Together, itracks and MSW proposed that the client leverage itracks’ Online Focus Group platform. This platform allows clients to engage multiple respondents in real time with pre-planned discussion guides and rich media. The client could identify specific demographic groups of interest from their Quantitative studies and invite them to the Online Focus Group, whereby a deeper understanding of the quantitative responses could be explored.
Media Testing: With itracks’ Whiteboard technology, participants were able to assess Storyboards, images and video within days of the quantitative exercise to both offer a deeper meaning to their response and provide feedback on the brand marketing plans poised for implementation.
Network: Drawing upon the large Moderators Network available to itracks, MSW was able to utilize a Market Research thought leader experienced in consumer retail, cosmetics and the female target demographic. The partnership helped guide the development of the Discussion Guide and helped identify to MSW project managers the opportunistic areas to explore.
Collaboration: Using itracks’ patented virtual client backroom, MSW was able to invite client stakeholders to the interviews to help guide and inform the moderation of the focus groups. Question topics were able to be altered dynamically as respondents either verified or invalidated assumptions borne out of the quantitative exercise.

The Result (Client Testimonial)

“The objective of MSW Research’s Prolog*Plus service was to enhance our quantitative learnings with deep-dive qualitative focus groups. itracks provided us with the tools and know-how to address this customized segment of the research project. Their online focus group platform, software and skilled research moderator worked seamlessly to direct the focus group discussion to uncover issues our client was eager to examine. What enriched our client’s experience was the ability to maneuver the conversation of the groups by directing it towards fruitful dialogue and steering it away from unintended areas.”

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